Music Ministry

Leading a Song with the Choir

Music Ministry

Cathmagby has a dynamic and growing Music Ministry, flexible in its application to the Pastor’s message and the needs of the Worship Service. We are always open to new concepts and ideas. In addition, we strive to make sure every service is a blessed event. The Music Ministry, through careful preparation and meaningful execution, seeks to nurture the congregation as we participate in the song of the Church. The songs which we are called to offer comes from our heart and plays to the heart of God. The Music Ministry is led by Larry Ellis.

Youth Choir

The Cathmagby Youth Choir is made up of grade school through high school students who explore a wide variety of choral selections and gospel hymns. The Youth Choir is lead and directed by Gwen Harris.

Mass Choir

The Mass Choir, rehearsing weekly on Wednesday evenings, and singing weekly in Sunday morning worship, is Cathmagby’s primary choral group. This is a volunteer group of male and female singers who love making a contribution through music. Song is the common voice of praise in the Christian church. While the Mass Choir sings songs in worship on behalf of the congregation, its major role is to enable the great choir—the congregation—to lift up its voice in praise of God. The Mass Choir is directed by Shiray Robinson.

Praise Team

The Praise Team consists of accomplished vocalists who are skilled both in singing as well as engaging the congregation, facilitating congregational participation in worship. The Praise Team is led by Evelyn Griffin.

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